Hua Kien Fat Trading Pty Ltd

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Kien Fat Trading is a family owned importer, exporter and distribution company operating since 1989 with a wide selection of products from food to therapeutic products.

Nationally we distribute our products to wholesalers, grocers, supermarkets, manufacturers and food service companies.  We aim to be diverse and respond to needs of our customers with exceptional service and quality products.

We are international agents for many Australian products.  We specialise in export of Australian commodities. We have strong relationships in Asian, India, Indonesia, New Zealand and Northern America and we welcome opportunities to export Australian made product.

Our beginning began with a strong alliance with Huy Fong Inc.  We became the Australian and New Zealand sole agent for the Huy Fong Hot Sauce range which included the famous “Rooster Sriracha” hot chili sauce.

At the beginning our founder; Mr Hua loaded his mini bus with Huy Fong product and set to sell out the stock in his vehicle but returned hours later with only a few cartons sold.  Business was truly not a race but a marathon.  Today Huy Fong products are known throughout Australia and you can often find Huy Fong Products in unexpected places as Sriracha is truly everywhere.

Kienfat Trading has expanded our range to include Acecook noodles made using Japanese technology.  Acecook produce the finest quality noodles with well respected brands such as “O’Ricey,” “Hao Hao” and “Mi Lau thai,” which truly capture the taste of Asia. We represent Red Boat Fish sauce; the purest fish sauce on earth which is highly regarded by chefs worldwide.  Many Paleo followers seek out Red Boat for it’s clean ingredients.  We continue to strive for quality products that we can be proud of.   Many brands we distribute have HACCP, ISO and/or BRC certifications to ensure a strict quality of product.

Being refuges to Australia in the late 1970s we are honoured to be here and appreciate what Australia has to offer.  We believe Australian product is of highest quality.   We distribute, and export Australian made pre-mix cakes.  Our Steam bun cakes (Banh Bao) is sort after globally.

We are fortunate and proud to have an extensive customer base which includes many of the general mainstream supermarkets offering our fine products to the general public to enjoy.  We are dedicated to introducing new quality and innovative products to our valued customers.